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General objectives

  1. Increase participation in adult recreational hockey by offering induction into 80+ Hockey Hall of Fame as a goal for players and as a tribute to builders actively involved in growing the community of senior recreational hockey players;
  2. Formally recognize 80+ active recreational hockey players in Canada who meet the eligibility criteria;
  3. Create and maintain a registry for 60+ active hockey players in Canada;
  4. Support and promote health and safety initiatives (conditioning, diet, first aid training, etc.) for adult hockey players;
  5. Support 80+ Hockey Alums as role models and ambassadors for adult recreational hockey in Canada;
  6. Self-finance the organisational development and operations of the 80+ Hockey Hall of Fame through sponsorships, donations and member/player contributions.


Certificate of incorporation


Available upon request (Maurice Marchand 819-777-7333).


Board of Directors 2018/2019

President Maurice Marchand 819-777-7333
Vice-president Wayne Watson 416-724-4141
Secretary Herb Brennen 613-519-0628
Treasurer Raymond Chauvet 819-664-3520
Director Loris Bondio 613-791-4056
Director Chris Maziarski 613-829-7977
Director Ray Wardle 613-224-7308
Director Clint Mathews 613-567-2388
Director Larry Cassie 613-523-8066
Director Norm Wing 613-733-9829

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2018 President's Report Financial Statement
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